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Springfield Choral Society

P.O. Box 1855

Springfield, Illinois 62705


Interested in singing with us?  We warmly encourage all those who take an interest in singing to audition for our ensemble! Our concert cycles generally run from late August-December, and from January-May: the best time to join is at the very beginning of a cycle, but depending on the circumstances, we may consider new members up to the midway point of a cycle. If you are interested in joining the Choral Society, we suggest that you send us a note (via our website) to register your interest, and then attend a Monday-night rehearsal. If you feel like our choir is a good fit, then you may confer with the director to arrange an audition for the following week. Auditions generally take place before rehearsal (around 6:30-6:45). For the auditions, we ask that you prepare something to sing (it can be anything: a hymn, a pop song, an aria, your part of a choral piece), and bring a copy for the director and for the pianist (if you know it by ear and don’t require piano accompaniment, then there is no need to bring music). The director will also guide you through some vocalizing, as well as a little bit of low-stress sight reading. We have many levels of music-reading in our choir, so don’t let that scare you away! Please know that our auditions are warm and welcoming: no stress required. We look forward to seeing you on a Monday!

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