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Springfield Choral Society

Springfield, Illinois

Music Director

Position Description



Under the direction of the Springfield Choral Society Board of Directors, the Music Director’s primary responsibility will be to provide musical leadership to the singers of the Choral Society.

Nature and Scope:

The Springfield Choral Society is a group of singers from the Springfield area who join together to present classical choral works.  Concerts are generally presented at least two times each year and are expected to be divided between major liturgical compositions and those of a lighter or secular nature.  The Springfield Choral Society is governed by a board of directors who are selected in accordance with the by-laws of the organization.  The Board is responsible for fundraising and all fiscal transactions necessary to maintain the mission of the organization.  This is includes all negotiations with the Music Director.

Salary:  $10,000 per season (September through May)

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Is responsible for selection and interpretation of music

  2. Meets with Board at least 8 months prior to each concert to present plans for upcoming concert

  3. Makes public appearances for publicity and fundraising as mutually agreed upon by the Music Director and the Board

  4. Collaborates with Board in creating a budget

  5. Attends Board Meetings and present a director’s report each meeting

  6. Demonstrates knowledge of multiple genres of music, languages, and pronunciations

  7. Conducts rehearsals – rehearsals are currently held at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on Monday evenings.

  8. Schedules extra rehearsals or sectionals as needed

  9. Schedules dress rehearsals

  10. Establishes and applies an audition policy

  11. Selects soloists if music requires them

  12. Establishes and applies an attendance policy

  13. Oversees the ordering of music with efforts to find acceptable arrangements at low costs to the singers

  14. Identifies physical and personnel arrangements for the presentation of concerts

  15. May provide remediation and instruction for chorus members

  16. May provide private coaching for soloists

  17. Creates rehearsal and performance goals for the chorus and shares these with both the chorus and the Board

  18. Collaborates with the Board to obtain/contract with instrumentalists or orchestra personnel

  19. Coordinates rehearsal times and concerts with instrumentalists/orchestra

  20. Marks orchestra parts, excluding bowings

  21. Writes program notes

  22. Coordinates with venue personnel, boards, and crews to ensure proper set up and strike for performances


Nondiscrimination statement:  The Springfield Choral Society is an equal opportunity employer.  We will not discriminate in employment, recruitment, advertisement for employment, compensation, termination, or other conditions of employment against any job applicant, employee, Board member, or member on the basis of race, color, creed (religion or non-religion), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), sexual orientation, marital status, military status, or for any other discriminatory reason. 




Interested applicants should send a resume and video of them conducting a vocal ensemble to


By June 24, the Board will extend invitations to virtual interviews to selected candidates.  After those interviews, top candidates will be asked to personally attend an audition rehearsal with the chorus.